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Look deep inside nature, then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

Not just a Bed and Breakfast

Created on the principles of its elements, where design and refinement come together to produce splendid harmony. Essence B&B has everything you could need. Our mission is not only to share our space with our guests but also to help them enjoy unique and unforgettable moments.

At the Essence B&B we further our vision not only with the facilities we offer, but also with the goodness of our food, the places you can visit but especially our attention to your needs. It is our wish that our guests are satisfied and happy to have chosen a place where comfort and relaxation meld into one word……essence.


“My dream was not only to create a Bed and Breakfast but also to share, with people from all over the world, a place, thoughts and emotions, with Essence I have achieved this.”
, Manager

In the centre of Barletta

Our ESSENCE B&B, in the centre of Barletta, is the ideal stop-off for your holiday in Puglia, thanks to its central location in town. Its proximity to the railway station gives you the freedom to travel without difficulty and without stress, making your holiday unforgettable!

Our city is the seat of a new province in Puglia together with the town councils of Andria and Trani, and plays, as history has taught us, a crucial role in regional connections.

Thanks to its position, it has always shown itself to be an important destination, as much in ancient times, when it witnessed the movement of pilgrims and crusaders on their way to and from Jerusalem, as in modern times as it sees the flow of tourists who are ever more inquisitive and demanding.

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