A Barletta itinerary

A Barletta itinerary

Would you like to discover Puglia but don’t know where to start?

The ESSENCE B&B is the ideal place from where to begin what will reveal itself to be a magical holiday in Puglia!

From our “bed and breakfast” you will be able to relive a little of that past made up of combats, fights and battles which have left their marks on our town. It is like being in the pages of a History of Art book, a tourist stroll between religion and architecture.

Admire the various styles that characterise the ancient churches of Barletta. To start with, the Gothic style of the Basilica del Santo Sepolcro, built over the remains of an older basilica from the medieval era. Continue then to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, built on a cemetery and on the ruins of two previous basilicas, whose beauty is the result of a fusion between stylistically different parts.

Equally particular is the Church of Sant’Andrea which is higher than the road due to a series of stratifications which have taken place over the centuries.

But it does not finish here!

Cosa dire, infatti, del Colosso di Barletta?
Imbattersi in quello che è l’emblema della città lascia tutti a bocca aperta!

What can you possibly say about the Colossus of Barletta? Coming across this statue, which is the emblem of the city, leaves everyone open-mouthed!

This bronze statue, commissioned by Frederick II is the symbol of the town of Barletta and from its pedestal it seems to want to protect the entire city, as much as the Basilica del Santo Sepolcro which is near.

Considered for centuries to represent Emperor Heraclitus, recent studies have shown that the ‘Giant’ in fact, represents Emperor Theodosius III during the great splendour of his imperial reign. Barletta town centre continues to surprise greatly! It is impossible not to be struck by the Swabian Castle, strategically positioned, a few yards from the sea, representing a trap that none can escape from! Transformed from a fortress to a caste, by Frederick II,

the Castle of Barletta has nevertheless undergone various changes during different dynasties. However today, thanks to an informed and knowledgeable reconstruction, the castle offers visitors the possibility of admiring the Civic Museum and the Civic Library with its beautiful gardens.


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