Paths Federicani

Paths Federicani

Our B&B, is the ideal place from which to start a special and unusual journey.

Departing from a visit to the Swabian Castle of Barletta, you will begin to understand a little of the life and works of Frederick II of Swabia who, even though he was born in Le Marche, has always been defined as the ideal son of Puglia.

You will be amazed while you take a tour in Puglia following the story of Frederick II along a route littered with evidence of the farsightedness of an emperor so much in the vanguard and as illuminated as Frederick II. All the lands in his kingdom are scattered with castles and manors that he had built or rebuilt and where he loved to spend time relaxing or pursuing his favourite hobby-hunting. Undoubtedly, every tourist, even the most inattentive, will be struck by the splendour of a history that cannot be denied. To be present at the special events organised within the walls of the Swabian castle in Puglia is and enchanting and seductive experience!

Or you can visit the sites of Gravina or Apricena, where there remain only the remains of the residences of Frederick II, but you can discover the beauties of the small towns so beloved of the emperor because of their ample resources so necessary for the development of his kingdom.

Perhaps the greatest surprise for anyone arriving in Andria is a visit to  Castel del Monte. This ancient Swabian construction, famous for its octagonal form is a fascinating and mysterious place that dominates the Alta Murgia valley and offers breath-taking views.

Since 1996 it has been a World Heritage Site.
Are you convinced?

Pensiamo proprio di sì e vi aspettiamo al B&B ESSENCE per aiutarvi a rendere unica la vostra vacanza in Puglia!


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