Visit Trani

Visit Trani

How does the idea of a stroll in the surrounding area grab you?
From the ESSENCE B&B, it is enough just to go a little further south to visit the lovely little town of Trani.
Trani is the sister district, together with Andria, which makes up our province and often hosts important cinema film-sets.

Have you ever heard of the Cathedral of Trani?

It is famous the world over for having been constructed from limestone, mined from local quarries, representing the excellence of Romanesque architecture in Puglia.

Even though the town of Trani is small, it guards another notably fascinating pearl, the Castle of Trani ! The work of Federico II of Swabia, it was built on a rocky outcrop in the middle of a cove and separated from the land by a natural channel. Federico II had Pietro Tiepolo, a worthy of Milan and the son of the Doge of Venice, hanged from one of its towers.

Obviously, over the centuries, the Castle of Trani has undergone modifications and extensions, beginning with the Angevin occupation. It was here that Carlo I of Anjou celebrated his marriage to Margherita of Bourgogne but all succeeding sovereigns lost no time in transforming the Castle of Trani into a fortress, a court and even a provincial prison. Hard as it may be to believe, it remained a prison until 1974 and only after years of painstaking restoration did it regain its former splendour as a Swabian castle and opened to the public in 1998.

At the ESSENCE B&B we know it only takes a few hints for you to become curious about our town province and we are ready to welcome you to the start of your personalised tour in Puglia.


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