From the present to the past

From the present to the past

Tour in Puglia

How do you like the idea of going back into the past?

It is by using the ESSENCE B&B as your point of departure that you can start your tour in Puglia in a time machine to find yourself amazed in a world of ages gone by!


Barletta: Battle rods

It is easy to become excited by unforgettable, ancient historical events. You only have to travel a short way to admire the Canne della Battaglia archaeological park. This is the place where Hannibal celebrated his famous victory over the Imperial Roman army. It is a fascinating park offering many interesting insights into history thanks to the large number of ruins and objects dating back to ancient times.

Foggia: Corvo Pass and not only

By travelling to the nearby province of Foggia, you can visit certain lovely sites that were discovered quite by chance, such as the Passo di Corvo site. This is an ancient Neolithic settlement dating back to the period between the V and IV century B.C. A visit here is tremendously rewarding thanks to the reconstruction of places and scenes of everyday life in the Neolithic era.

Without going much further it is possible to jump a few more centuries forward and find yourself in the archaeological area that witnessed battle between Pyrrhus and the Romans. There is also the settlement where you can trace the lives of an ancient senatorial family or wander among the tombs of well-born citizens. This is the enormous area from Roman times in Ascoli Satriano next to the Hill of the Serpent, which had previously been settled in Neolithic times and subsequently became a necropolis.

However you can go even further back in time by visiting Altamura and squeezing into the narrow caverns of the Caves of Lamalunga. Here you can see the extraordinary fossil of the Uomo di Altamura, a hominid who lived in an era that we are unable even to pronounce and whose fossil remains are well-preserved.

We are certain that we have piqued your interest in the number of places, curiosities, events, battles and conquests that make Puglia the protagonist in important historical events! However, there is much more to discover and experience!

At the  ESSENCE B&B you will find the right atmosphere for relaxing and recharging your batteries after your excursions. You only need to come and find us; we look forward to seeing you!


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