Not just sea

Not just sea


Do you like the seaside but want to see something more?

From the ESSENCE B&B you can do something different on your tour in Puglia: try us out!

Do you like the idea of spending a relaxing day of wellbeing at an ultra-modern spa?

At Margherita di Savoia you can enjoy the highly professional services offered by this beautiful structure situated beside the sea as well as the entire range of spa products for treating the body. You can also go on to visit the town which has the largest salt pans in Europe, making it the major exporter of salt at a national level as well as a State Nature Reserve.

Or maybe you are interested in following the route of the Templars?

The presence of the Templar Knights of Barletta dates back to 1169, when the archbishop of Trani entrusted to them the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, which alas no longer exists. However, from here another undeniably fascinating itinerary begins. Go towards Andria where you will find the Church of St. Augustine.

Dedicated to the Augustine Order, this church was previously named St. Leonard by the Knights Order itself until Frederick II expropriated all the Templar property there was in his kingdom.

It is also well worth taking a look at the old town, with its maze of alleyways decorated with niches containing votive offerings and mask faces and where the narrowest streets in Europe are to be found.

If all this walking has given you a huge appetite, you should take refuge in one of the many family restaurants here where you can sample tasty local dishes and excellent burrata (a buttery cheese), the true queen of the cheesemaker’s art in Puglia!

At this point the objective of your holiday in Puglia changes and you begin to discover the goodness of the food and wine in this region.

Puglia wines and oil, fruit and vegetables are famous the world over and especially those traditions connected with the bread in Puglia which accompanies every meal. How could you pass up the chance to visit Altamura? The town that produces quality bread welcomes you to its historic part that is full of “claustri” which you can visit, even though people live in them, to understand the real everyday life of ancient times.

It is really true that visiting Puglia is not “just the seaside” but rather tradition and also innovation, goodness and also quality, entertainment and also knowledge.


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